Egg Paratha | Anda Paratha

Yummy Egg Paratha | Anda Paratha Recipe

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Atta/ Wheat flour – 2 cups
Ajwayan or carom seeds – 1 tsp
Egg – 3
Chopped Onion – 1
Chopped Green chili – 2
chopped Coriander leaves


  1. Beat eggs in a bowl. Add salt, onion,coriander leaves and green chili and mix well.
  2. Knead dough using flour,salt and ajwayan. Take a small part from dough. Sprinkle flour on the rolling board and roll it to a roti/chapati.
  3. Now heat a tawa. Place roti on it. Flip it once small bubbles appear on the top surface (approx 10 secs)
  4. Now pour 4 tbsp of egg mixture on the roti and spread it over whole surface of roti. (from center to edges)
  5. Now using a spatula and spoon hold one side of roti and fold it at the center by joining it to the other side. Press on the edges so they stick together. Cook for few secs.
  6. Now flip it and cook another side again for few secs.
  7. Now pour some oil around it with a spoon and cook for few secs. Flip and repeat it for another side.
  8. Now switch off the flame. Cut Egg paratha into two equal halves and serve hot.

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