Simple Pua Recipe | Malpua Recipe

Simple Pua Recipe

Pua/Malpua is an Indian  dessert that is relished particularly during Holi. Pua is typically prepared in states of Bihar, Jharkhand and UP.
It’s basically a fried, Sweet and Crispy pancakes. There are varieties of Pua known as Malpua, Mawa Pua, Chashni pua (Raanpua) etc.
Here I am going to teach you the simplest way of making delicious pua. I am using Chashni or sugar syrup to dip the puas. This Pua is also known as Raanpua in Bihar.

Pua is Holi special dish but also enjoyed as sweet dessert anytime. Specially in Bihar you will find Pua in every home during holi festival.
You can have pua simply like dessert. It is also served with Mutton or Kathal ki Sabzi during Holi.

How to make Pua

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All purpose flour / Maida – 1.5 cup
Milk – 1 cup
Banana(ripe) – 1/2
Sugar – 2 cups
Cardamom/Elaychi – 4 to 5 crushed
Water for making sugar syrup – 2 cups

How to make Malpua:

  • Peel the Cardamom to bring out the seeds. Crush or grind using a grinder seeds to make a powder.
  • To make chashni/sugar syrup, take 2 cups of Sugar and 2 cups of water together in a pan.Mix it well and bring to boil on high flame.
  • Once it starts boiling, add cardamom powder and keep boiling on low flame with stirring on intervals until 1 string Sugar syrup is ready. It will take approx 15 minutes.
  • For pua batter, take all purpose flour in a pan. Add milk slowly and mix well to make smooth batter.
  • Now take 1/2 piece of a ripe banana and mash it completely.
  • Add mashed banana to batter and mix very well.
  • Take oil in a deep pan and heat it properly.
  • Now with the help of a large spoon pour small portions of the batter in oil.
  • Fry this pua on low heat from both sides till its turns golden brown.
  • Take it out from oil and dip in prepared sugar syrup.
  • Leave it in syrup for 1 minute. Take it out from syrup and serve hot. Garnish with sliced pistachios, almond and saffron.
  • Repeat the same process for remaining batter.

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